Okdo Excel to Word Converter

Okdo Excel to Word Converter 5.8

Turn your Excel spreadsheets into Word files without losing their layout

If in need of a tool to export Excel spreadsheets into Word documents in batches without losing any tables, graphic elements, or any other items present in the original layout, Okdo Excel to Word Converter offers you a simple utility to perform such conversions in the most straightforward way.

Though a bit pricey for a one-purpose tool, this app has been designed to be of use for everyone. The setup and conversion processes couldn’t be simpler, especially thanks to its drag-and-drop support and the lack of complicated settings when it comes to defining the output Word file. This extreme simplicity can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing for those who wish to convert a large number of spreadsheets in a quick and simple manner regardless of the outcome, and a curse for those dealing with complex Excel files, more worried about the preservation of the original layout than anything else.

You’ll be required to have Microsoft Word installed on your system if you want the program to perform the scheduled conversions, which can be a major drawback for some users who are asked to convert such files for somebody else. Besides, if you wish to convert your Excel files into DOCX or DOCM documents, you will need to have a compatible version of Word installed on your PC.

As it happens with all conversion processes between formats that are meant for different purposes, the results are, at best, mixed. The simpler the spreadsheet, the better the outcome. As the complexity of the original Excel file increases, so does the possibility of ending up with a useless Word document whose layout resembles that of the original only faintly. The lack of preview options, as well as of settings that go beyond the page size and its margins add an extra layer of uncertainty to the entire process.

Be it as it may, if quantity is a bigger concern than output quality, Okdo Excel to Word Converter is a tool for you. Suitable also for simple and straightforward spreadsheets, you will appreciate its fast processing times and its bulk conversion capabilities, which will allow you to convert into Word entire folders of Excel files in no time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch conversion
  • Converts to DOC, DOCX, and DOCM
  • Can merge all sheets in one Word file
  • Converts entire folders


  • Requires you to have Word installed to work
  • Mixed results
  • No preview
  • Limited settings
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